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At this point, we all know AI is the real deal. It’s going to change the world in profound ways over the next few years, and investors that buy AI stocks today will make fortunes. That much is crystal clear. 

But one major question still remains… 

What are the best AI stocks to buy today?

Should you chase the rally in red-hot AI chipmaker Nvidia (NVDA)? Or maybe buy the breakout in the AI software company (AI)? Or is a hardware play more like Tesla (TSLA) the best AI stock to buy right now?

The answer to those questions may root itself in a historical analysis of previous technological paradigm shifts. 

Indeed, every new technological paradigm shift – like the one we’re seeing with AI – follows a similar pattern. 

That is, they evolve in three distinct “profit waves.” 

The “Millionaire Playbook”

The first profit wave emerges in the “picks-and-shovels” suppliers of the new tech – the companies that make the stuff that powers the technology. 

The second profit wave emerges in the infrastructure makers for the new tech – the companies that take those picks and shovels and make new devices. 

And the third profit wave emerges in the software and services developers for the new tech – the companies that create cool, usable applications on top of the new devices. 

Makes sense, right?

First, there’s a gold rush for materials to build new tech. Then, there’s a gold rush for new devices that are built with that tech. Then, once everyone has one of those devices, there’s a gold rush for creating applications and services on top of them. 

Take the mobile internet boom of the 2010s, for example. 

In that time, we saw a profit boom in semiconductor companies like Qualcomm (QCOM) that were selling the chips that powered smartphones. 

A few years later, we saw a profit boom in device-making companies like Apple (AAPL), which took those Qualcomm chips and made ultra-popular iPhones.

By 2015, a profit boom emerged in software and services companies like Alphabet (GOOGL) and Amazon (AMZN). Once smartphones were ubiquitous, those companies built really cool mobile internet applications for those devices.  

In other words, the best way to play the internet boom of the 2010s was to buy semiconductor stocks in 2010, sell them in 2011, roll the profits into infrastructure stocks, sell those in 2013, then roll those profits into software and services stocks. 

That was the “Millionaire Playbook” for the mobile internet boom of the 2010s. 

Monetizing the AI Revolution

It is also the “Millionaire Playbook” for every major technological revolution of the past 50 years. Every new tech revolution emerges in three distinct profit waves: Suppliers first, device-makers second, and software developers third.

The AI Revolution will play out no differently. 

We’re already seeing the first profit wave emerge today. AI chip supplier stocks – paced by Nvidia – are soaring right now. 

This boom will last for a year or so. Then, it’ll be the AI hardware makers who experience a profit surge. After that, the AI software developers will start to soar. 

This is the “Millionaire Playbook” for the AI Revolution. 

Buy the AI supplier stocks first, hardware stocks second, and software stocks third. 

Follow this playbook, and you could mint fortunes in the AI Revolution of the 2020s. 

The Final Word on AI Stocks

Fortunately, we have the top supplier stock for you to buy today. 

No, it’s not Nvidia. In fact, we just sold some of our NVDA position for nearly 1,000% returns yesterday. 

This company is actually much better than Nvidia – and could one day be much bigger. 

It is a brand-new firm that’s developing next-generation computer chips that we believe will power all future AI software.

These computers will be the foundation of the AI Revolution. That’s why this company could be the next Nvidia!  

The best part? The stock of this firm is currently trading for less than $15.

But time is of the essence here – because this tiny stock is already up about 220% in 2023 alone!

Investors are starting to hear about this breakthrough tech stock. And amidst the AI frenzy, they’re buying it up in a hurry.

Reveal its name, ticker symbol, and key business details.

On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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