455 TIP. Crisis Investing w/ Dan Rasmussen

On today’s episode we have Dan Rasmussen, the Founder and Portfolio Manager of Verdad, which also releases research that I highly recommend you check out. For example, they have a high conviction around using the High Yield Spread to determine the current macro environment we’re in or entering into, which we discuss in depth. Verdad also focuses on investing in a crisis and emphasizing Small Cap investing and we discuss why.
00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:36 – What levels indicate a crisis
00:03:11 – How to use the High Yield Spread as an indicator and why it works
00:16:53 – Why you should reconsider using a discounted cash flow model
00:28:15 – Verdads four quadrant approach
00:34:36 – How to mitigate confirmation bias while using a quantitative approach
I really enjoyed speaking with Dan. He’s highly intelligent and very thoughtful with his responses. I hope you enjoy it so here’s my conversation with Dan Rasmussen.

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