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Astra Space (NASDAQ:ASTR) has taken investors on quite the roller coaster ride over the past few weeks. In fact, we see ASTR stock potentially taking a similar route as Virgin Galactic (NYSE:SPCE), particularly before Virgin launched Richard Branson into space. And ultimately, our research leads us to conclude that Astra is currently at a great price for investors to buy ASTR.

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That is, SPCE stock tanked for a few weeks as lack of launch-related developments worried investors.

SPCE then soared several hundred percent in a matter of weeks once the company confirmed Richard Branson’s July launch. And up until the launch, the stock continued its climb.

But investors saw the successful launch as a “sell the news” event, and the stock plummeted as a result.

SPCE has been struggling to recover those gains as of late.

In the grand scheme of things, however, it’s the larger timescale that matters to us, which brings us to ASTR…

ASTR Stock’s Time in the Spotlight Nears

ASTR stock appears to be on a similar trajectory.

The stock tanked on a lack of notable developments. Then, earlier this month, the company announced a new launch window for its first commercial U.S. Space Force launch, at the end of August.

The stock has been steadily rising ever since that launch window was announced.

We expect ASTR stock will follow in the footsteps of SPCE.

Basically, expect Astra Space to sustain its rally into the US Space Force launch, pushing towards and potentially above $15.

And then the launch will happen…

What will happen next?

We could certainly get a “sell the news” reaction from Wall Street. That wouldn’t be surprising.

And if that does happen, buy the dip, because Astra is far more than a great near-term trade. It’s a solid long-term investment in the emerging “FedEx of space” — Astra’s rockets will be the transportation vehicles that transport most small satellites into space over the next decade.

We’re very bullish on ASTR stock in the long term, and we believe the stock is tremendously undervalued today.

So, buy the near-term rocket-ship. But hold for the long haul.

The gains will be much larger in five years than they will be in five weeks.

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